Functional Mobility 

The most important thing to know about Jose is that he listens, he thinks about what you have said to him, and he tailors his training to fit your needs. Secondly, he is very informed about the body and about the most important techniques to affect change; he is flexible, knowledgeable, and empathic. If you are looking for a trainer that is attuned to you and not fads, Jose won’t disappoint.
— Natalie Berker, New York

Post-surgery conditioning, Weight lose, Strength Training   

6 Months after my left arm surgery, I decided to work with a trainer to help build my strength back. I was delighted to find that this decision led me to Jose. As someone who has used personal training in the past, Jose worked with the style of training I was used to while incorporating his style. Jose is knowledgeable and explains the cause and effect of everything that we do. His philosophy does not always involve weights. He incorporates boxing, martial arts, and calisthenics and plyometric to get the job done. He asks how did you feel after we last trained, how are you resting, how has your diet been?It is never a dull moment with him. You want someone to guide you and push you and also hold you accountable, Jose is the perfect balance. He does not disappoint.
— Alex Cambronero, New York

Martial Arts, Alignment, Body awareness 

Working with Jose, I’ve learned a lot about proper form and technique, and pushing myself without risking injury. He incorporates tons of variety to keep things interesting. Although I already had a background in kickboxing when I started working with him, with his instruction, my skills and viable move pool have grown considerably in a short time. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone interested in learning (kickboxing), whether you’re a novice or just an amateur looking for a good coach.
— Kate Kolbell, New York